Centering humanity

We put our concern for people at the heart of our projects; they are underpinned by humanist values like inclusivity, equality and accessibility.
The realisation of a design or plan is never an end in itself; we don’t engage in architecture for architecture’s sake. No matter how aesthetically pleasing or formally innovative, a design ultimately finds its justification in the way it serves a purpose and betters people's lives. The hardware we design is only ever complete when infused with the software of human occupation and creativity.

In order to create future-proof spaces we can no longer just be specialists in space-related matters. We believe in the transformative power of communication and connecting people, and we have become experts at initiating and organising creative cross-pollinations.

Our designs are shaped by people’s needs, dreams and wishes. In a world that is ever more aware of existing inequalities and injustices, we put our spatial strategies in the service of improving society and people’s wellbeing. This means embracing the needs of the individual while serving the interests of society at large. We think global and act local: even the smallest act or intervention should be infused with these fundamental values.

Spatial design is about organising the world around us; this can only ever be a team effort. POLO wants to break down the barriers between producers and consumers of space: society is shaped by all of us and we can only improve things through collective action, bound by our common humanity.