Red Cross Care Hotel

care hotel for vacations without restrictions
A scenic slice of nature near the Belgian coast is the setting for an innovative typology: a “hotel with care”. Here people with disabilities get to enjoy the care they require in the atmosphere of luxury they deserve.

Domein Polderwind

Surface area
Red Cross-Flanders
Landscape design
  • LAND landschapsarchitecten
nomination DEZEEN Awards 2018
nomination MIPIM Awards 2020
Stijn Bollaert

For the Flemish Red Cross our architects conceived a remarkable circular building inspired by traditional Chinese “Tulou”-structures. In response we designed interiors which underline the unique spatial qualities of the architecture while paying homage to the tranquil beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Accessible luxury
Room for nature

A large ceremonial staircase in the courtyard leads to the upstairs hotel rooms — obviously an elevator is provided too. The ring of guest rooms is accessed by an internal single-loaded corridor on the courtyard side. In places the corridor widens to accommodate informal seating areas with views of the courtyard garden. A concrete deck provides outdoor circulation and seating areas alongside the internal corridor.

The guest accommodation comprises one- and two-person rooms. Some of the rooms are interconnected, offering the possibility for guests to be in close proximity to their caretakers at all times. Guest rooms are generously sized so beds can be placed next to each other along the same wall or facing each other at opposing walls.

Having the rooms located at the outer edge of the circular floor plan orients them towards the wonderful scenery. The radial partitioning of the rooms makes the pie-shaped floor plan fan out in the direction of the landscape. Framed by the windows and the vertical louvres on the outside facade, the room carves out a private slice of nature from the surroundings. Here one can withdraw to feel a serene sense of isolation and truly connect with the great outdoors.

Of formal bravura and material restraint

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