Authenticity & craft

Our designs are never skin-deep. They grow out of a profound analysis and interpretation of a project’s circumstances and lead to a custom-designed answer that is unique and authentic. They do not rely on a wafer-thin veneer that merely clads over or “dresses up” a space. Our proposals build on a space’s inherent qualities, remedy its weaknesses and make it fit for a client’s intended purpose. We lean on our knowledge of materials and construction techniques to make a sustainable and logical addition to a space, paying respect to both the existing structure and the client’s demands.

A design’s authenticity lies in more than just its material component, its visible representation. A successful design process can (should!) generate insights that could lead to an overhaul of a client’s way of life or daily operations; these insights also enrich our own practice, challenging us to keep innovating in the context of a rapidly transforming society.