A force for good

As spatial researchers, strategists and designers we hold the key to formulating the answers to some of the most critical issues of our time. The world is at a tipping point and the old solutions just won’t do anymore. POLO Urbanism wants to be at the forefront of a revolution to fundamentally rethink society through innovative spatial transformations, whether they are radically mould-breaking or subtly subversive.

We are passionate about creating climate resilient cities and lively village cores; about future-proofing work and living environments; about designing for and with nature; and about conceiving robust education campuses and dignified care facilities.

Every project is a pilot project for us, one that is inclusive and framed around a relevant theme. To this end it is essential to critically engage with a motivated client and reformulate priorities where needed. Together with a strong focus on feasibility, this facilitates the eventual implementation of a project that always aims to be transformational — not just for the client but for society at large.