Diagonal Besòs Student Residence

winning competition design
In the middle of the city's Forum district – a neighbourhood in full development – POLO has designed university housing for students and professors. The winning competition design strengthens the campus' role as a social centre and meeting place.

Diagonal / Ronda Litoral

Surface area
  • MDBA Architects
winning competition design

Varied perspectives

The new campus forms a compact urban unit. Buildings rise like sculptures along the Ronda Litoral and brilliantly symbolise what the campus wishes to be: a confluence of knowledge and exchanging ideas, of education and research for students, professors and researchers, in a contemporary and open environment with a promising and sustainable vision of the future.

The building unfolds around a central green patio, allowing natural light to penetrate deep into its centre. The patio extends to the lower level and shields the building’s residents from the city noise.

POLO has created a volume in which imposed spatial limitations are converted into qualities. A cantilever on the second floor ensures a smooth alignment of the buildings along the Ronda Litoral.

This results in an articulated building with an imposing plinth. Building heights limitations inspired the rooftop terrace. Interesting cross-sections invite a wide variety of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal perspectives.

Urban unity

White-painted concrete panels interspersed with pastel-coloured accents give the building a distinct character that flirts with the textures and colours of the existing structure at the same time.

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