Louise Marie

the idea that peaceful and comfortable living can only be found outside the city is outdated
This brand new urban development project has a clever approach to the limited space available. Two meticulously oriented slender towers are connected to each other through a glass screen. Thanks to this screen and the roofing of the Antwerp ring road, Louise Marie will turn into a centrally located haven of peace, strategically positioned on the outskirts of the city.

With this project, POLO formulates an elaborate, sustainable and future-oriented answer to the challenges of urban planning.

Desguinlei / Karel Oomsstraat

Surface area
Cores Development
Landscape design
  • Dirk Vandekerkhove Landschapsarchitecten
winning competition design
Stijn Bollaert
Michael Jami

Transparent noise barrier

POLO spread 207 apartments and penthouses across two elegant fourteen-storey residential towers. The two meticulously oriented buildings, Louise and Marie - named after the former children's hospital, are connected through an impressive glass screen. This barrier buffers the noise pollution of the inner and outer ring roads and creates a pleasant acoustic microclimate. Behind the screen, residents can enjoy the peace and quiet on their outdoor balconies. The design team also included solutions for noise pollution control on the buildings' outer shell. Balconies and terraces on that side are walled and can be closed off according to the loggia principle.

"By duplicating the building, we managed to create a harmonious setup including communal outdoor spaces and private balconies. The acoustic screen creates a pleasant and noise-free space, sheltered from the wind."

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Patrick Lootens
ir. architect, urbanist
founding partner

New gateway to the city

The two towers have a different volume, which makes for a pleasant and frivolous appearance. The apartments are bright and spacious, and residents, particularly on the higher floors, can enjoy magnificent panoramic views. But Louise Marie is also an iconic landmark for all traffic entering Antwerp from the inner ring road. Its elegant towers, water features, park garden and transparent acoustic screen combine for a new urban dynamic, a landmark that radiates peace and transparency.