Sense & sensitivity

More than any other branch of spatial design, interior design engages the individual in a personal, emotional and multisensory manner. We design spaces that stimulate the user through colours, lighting, materials, textures, acoustic properties… Our designs aim to lift people’s spirits and instil a sense of comfort and happiness. Interior design does not just play a crucial role in our physical welfare, but should also benefit our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

We play with contrasts (light/dark, open/closed, hard/soft…) to design interiors that start a dialogue with the user, appealing to all senses to titillate, provoke, embrace. To this end we want to get to know the clients and the users of our spaces. We study their explicit wants and needs, but also get a feeling for their implicit dreams and ambitions and learn about their characters and personalities. Only then can we conceive a personalised design which feels effortless and in balance with their inner lives while fulfilling (and exceeding) all functional requirements.