Kortrijk Business Park

office building heading Benelux Park
When you leave the E17 motorway at exit Hoog Kortrijk, you can see the building emerge in the distance. It appears like a powerful monolith or a fortified citadel. But as you approach the building, robustness makes way for refinement and detail.


Surface area
Verstraete Development
Landscape design
  • Wirtz International Landscape Architects
BREAAM - Very Good certificate
RES Awards 2022 - nomination

Commissioned by Verstraete Development, the office building was designed by POLO. The project developer wanted to base its new headquarters in the prestigious Benelux Park in High Kortrijk, the economic heart of the South West Flanders region. The building is situated at the tip of Benelux Park, next to a large pond that collects all the water from the surrounding area. The design builds upon Blauwdruk's master plan. This urban development agency dictated the building's general contours and its position in relation to the pond. In addition, the master plan stipulated that the business park's green character should be maintained in the tip of Benelux Park, without the obligation to shield the new building with trees or shrubs. The business park's entrance was in need of a monumental and prestigious gatekeeper, visible from afar.

"The offices exude a more 'homely' atmosphere. The 'new approach to work' is shown to its best advantage here. It is not an office where everyone has their own desk, but where employees work flexibly, depending on the requirements and the nature of the work. There are focus areas, where one can isolate oneself in silence, large meeting rooms and more informal work spaces."

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Tom Huycke
interior designer
project leader

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