Telenet HQ

offices and server facility
The telecom company organized a design contest for the expansion of their offices and technical spaces. POLO won with a design that remedied the scale violation and eased the transition between the various elements in the complex urban environment.


Surface area
Landscape design
  • Dirk Vandekerkhove Landschapsarchitecten
  • Modulo Architects
Filip Dujardin
Toon Grobet
Steven Massart

Flexible work environment

The atrium, with robustly spaced doorways and a roof lantern, is the building’s backbone and nerve centre. It provides access to the office floors and the car parks, and connects the existing office buildings. The atrium serves as a circulation area, foyer and conference room, and forms the vestibule to the offices. Its stairs, landings and hidden sitting areas facilitate informal contacts, chance encounters, brainstorming sessions and consultations.

Cut-away sections and terraced patios draw daylight deep into the massive volume. Each of the patios has its own character. They are the recognizable anchors around which the company’s various departments can be clustered and structured. The set-up ensures an extremely flexible office environment. As departments or services grow or shrink, they can easily regroup around their epicentres.

Intimacy and tranquility

The design of the building lends itself to a mixing of functions. The atrium isn’t merely a circulation zone, but also a place that encourages informal meetings with comfortable public workplaces. A sandwich shop and a juice/coffee bar open up the eating area into the atrium. Comfortable nooks accommodate discreet work.

A well-considered play of colour and light and a thoughtful use of materials make for a restaurant feeling in the dining area. A variety of table configurations ensure enjoyable accommodations for everyone.

Both functionally and visually, Telenet’s company values are translated in the design. Honest, warm and contemporary materials catch the eye. Texture, light, and colour are used to generate the necessary intimacy and tranquillity. Functions are made visible in a subtle way while guaranteeing a sense of privacy. In the boardroom, wooden see-through screens and curtains allow to play with visibility. 

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