Initiative and interaction

At POLO we have the ambition to conceive a more sustainable society and shape the spaces that accelerate this transformation. As such we are not just designers reacting to a client’s brief — we are also spatial strategists looking for the underlying issues to be resolved. Every project is an opportunity to effectuate change, to critically evaluate past practices and question ourselves — we do not just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

We want our office to radiate outwards. We build coalitions and learn from other stakeholders, consultants and endusers to construct fundamentally new narratives. We apply our unique skills as storytellers and visualisers to create a shared vision of a future that appeals to clients, authorities and the general public alike. For this we call on the creative input of all stakeholders. A collective authorship leads to results that are more widely supported and understood.

To realise these ambitions we increasingly find ourselves planning out the necessary decision-making processes to build common ground. A truly unique design is never just the sum total of a series of specialisms. It can only be the outcome of a collaborative effort in which we see ourselves as spatial strategists playing a central role as negotiator, facilitator and…visionary?