Poponcini & Lootens started life as an architecture firm. But since our transformation into POLO we cover much more ground. This evolution brought with it a more proactive attitude, going beyond the typically reactive role of the architect responding to a client’s brief.

Yet “simply” designing good buildings will always be an indelible part of our identity. With an extensive track record of built projects, we find the time is right to put into words what consitutes architectural quality for us and how we go about achieving it.

Reflecting on our work and examining our motives and strategies is essential to keep evolving as a practice. This means determining the elements that shape our design process and highlighting some of the common characteristics of POLO’s buildings.

The following does not aspire to cohere into a manifesto or a set of design guidelines. This is not the final word on POLO’s architecture but a snapshot of our current thinking, of the ongoing open-ended discussion we are having in order to continue making original and innovative contributions to our built environment.