and... Style

Nowadays architects generally draw a blank when the subject of architectural style is broached. It is as if bad dreams of eighties’ postmodernism still haunt these discussions. Yet we fool ourselves if we pretend we are free from stylistic preconceptions.

We have never set out to develop a “house style”. We do not subscribe to today’s tendency to provide places with ready-made icons, a fast-track way to an easily marketable identity tied to a (st)architect brand.

We do not think architecture is primarily born from a eureka-like invention of form by a genius architect. We believe in a logical, rigorous design process that foregrounds research and close collaboration with experts and stakeholders. Transpiration precedes inspiration. Only from a properly prepared launching pad can we make the leaps of imagination necessary to conceive innovative architecture.

We adhere to certain modernist principles and values. We relish the challenge to truly make an impact, to shape and transform society in an increasingly complex world. The modernist project still holds valuable lessons for us, even — or especially! —  in these strange postmodern times.

Whether any of the above actually shines through in the architectural language of our projects…? Well, we let you be the judge of that…