Apartment A

merging of 2 apartments into 1
POLO Interior Design merges two apartments into one to create a sprawling loft-like living space, organised along a few simple principles.



Two organising principles

Our concept consists of two major interventions we propose in order to structure the interior design of the apartment.

First of all we introduce two perpendicular axes which run the full length and width of the plan. The long axis connects the different living areas to the entrance, with a window at one end and the guest-bedroom/office at the other end. The short axis links the daytime living spaces to the bedroom. The latter is shielded from view by a vertical timber screen, which allows light from the bedroom window to filter through. By keeping these axes clear of obstructions we create vistas which fully exploit and showcase the generous spatiality of the apartment.

Secondly we create a continuous timber element to the back wall and core of the apartment, creating a strong background which contrasts with the white minimalist treatment of the rest of the space. This sinuous floor-to-ceiling panelling is finished in brushed oak veneer. It snakes around the walls in one long continuous movement, integrating cabinetry, merging into a built-in kitchen at one end and fanning out into the aforementioned timber screen at the master bedroom on the other end. In a playful touch, the insides of the cabinets are finished in green laminate, a throwback to the forested surroundings of the clients’ previous home. Airconditioning units are concealed within this timber wall also — air supply is provided via discreet openings around the plinth of the cabinets.