Apartment VR

merging of two new-build apartments
Panoramic city views take centre stage in POLO’s design for a bespoke interior that wraps its guests in discreet luxury.

Nieuw Zuid

Surface area

Continuity of materials

Natural stone and timber panelling infuse the interior with warmth and natural textures against a base canvas of white painted surfaces. Travertine walls merge into floors of the same material; oak veneer wall panels combine with solid oak parquet flooring.

These continuities envelop the inhabitant within a protective shell; this is not an interior of precious objects standing freely in space but of articulated surfaces integrating functions and facilities. We see this clearly in the bathrooms, where the same travertine stone is used as floor finish, wall tile and cabinetry — yes, even the doors are cleverly engineered natural stone panels.

A flexible backdrop for work, life and play

POLO devised a sliding partition between the two apartments that also acts as an acoustic barrier; as such the two apartments can function on their own and be used as separate units.

In a further move to flexibility, two out of three bedrooms have beds that can completely fold up into a wall cabinet, transforming the room into an office or multipurpose space. In this way these rooms can be used differently according to the current configuration and occupation of the apartment or apartments.