A new chapter

Continuously reflecting on the motives behind our design practice is essential to continue evolving and to confront complex social issues – in the field of urbanism, architecture and interior architecture. As such we aspire to be a pioneer in shaping society through impactful and innovative spatial strategies.

The resulting interdisciplinary design approach made us realise that the name POLO Architects no longer corresponds with the reality of our daily practice. From now on we regard POLO as a platform. We illustrate this transformation with a mutation of the well-known POLO logo, and a new website that renders our ambitions more visible. This shows a selection of reflections, experiments and concrete realizations, but is above all a portrait of imaginative insights which only arise from an intensive dialogue with various actors.

With the establishment of POLO as a platform, we lay the foundation for an even more inclusive approach and self-initiated research about specific themes – from building robust resilience to nature-based and human-centered design, from reinventing reuse practices to configuring porosity as a generous environmental quality. It shows the pluralism of our office as a breeding ground for design talent and internal cross-pollination. But we also posit ourselves as a platform that is open to outsiders: we set the tone for temporary collaborations and long-term alliances to stimulate sustainable change towards a more robust living environment.

POLO is not just a platform; it is an open door, a generous invitation to join the debate and accelerate necessary transformations.