Living and breathing sustainability

We consider the drive for sustainability to be more than a numbers game; we see it as a stimulus to imagine the new spatial constellations needed to usher in a fairer society and ensure the survival of our global ecosystem.
We stand for a holistic approach, applying the litmus test of sustainability to all aspects of our living environment. Going beyond simply implementing a set of rules and ticking boxes, we continuously rethink what sustainability is and can be in a particular situation, for a specific project. This means the prescriptive, objectified interpretation of sustainability needs to be complemented by a descriptive one that enthuses and stimulates.

Inspired by the principles of “critical regionalism” — a possible label for our work — and an extensive research of a project’s context, we create places that connect us back to the genius loci of a location. Simultaneously we look forward and imagine the radically new spatial models for a future, more sustainable society. These endeavours should add up to a rousing call to action.

Our experimental approach leads to the ongoing critical appraisal of the consequences of our actions: how they affect our surroundings, our fellow humans and the planet at large. Sustainability pervades not only the way we design, but the functioning of our office and our daily lives as well.