Van Laere HQ

For a new office building for Van Laere NV, POLO Interior Design devises an elegant work environment which relies on a restrained material palette and a clear hierarchy of components.


Surface area
Van Laere NV
Tim Van de Velde

The office floor plates of the building designed by POLO Architecture are anything but generic to start with. The large expanses of open space have a distinct character due to the central core in rough, board-marked concrete and the timber beams and columns. The columns especially are an unusual and space-defining presence, their sturdy cruciform shapes visually subdividing the space into a continuous field of rectangular “rooms”. The laminated timber also brings to mind the warm character of the city mansions that served as inspiration for the design of the building.

Within this flexible framework, we express different elements in a limited number of materials. The guiding principle during this design process was to have the interior design be an expression and extension of the underlying building structure. We devised a simple and consistent system of components and materials which contributes to an easy readability of the space and a serene office ambience.

Minimalist Materiality

Dividing walls are mostly located within the wooden portal frames: their white surfaces are set within dark metal frames that form the transition between the wall plane and the structural members. Glass partitions make use of the same dark metal frames, setting up a consistent formal language for these flexible partitions.

Client-facing services are concentrated on the ground floor. Here the floors are finished in durable concrete-look ceramic tiles. On the upper levels the offices feature carpeted floors on a raised floor system, setting up an acoustically comfortable work environment.

Soft furnishings include lounge seating in understated colours. A meeting box in bright yellow provides a pop of colour and whimsical note within the warm embrace of the minimalist office landscape.