Campus Kompas

education campus with kindergarten, primary school, teenage school, secondary school, youth centre, and common functions
For the Campus Kompas in Brussels — a building commission won by POLO Labs and designed by POLO Architecture — our interior design team developed a restrained palette of materials with a few carefully picked colours to help way-finding and identification. These hues brighten up a robust interior that is all primed for the students to make their mark and truly inhabit their school.


Surface area
Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie
THV Odebrecht-Vanhout Projects
Landscape design
  • Dirk Vandekerkhove Landschapsarchitecten
winning competition design
Stijn Bollaert

We apply a fairly homogeneous design language and detailing for the interiors across the whole campus in order to create a consistent look and feel that ties the different components together. The aim is to really let the spatial diversity of the architectural casbah concept shine and introduce a calming atmosphere to the learning environment. Yet within this blanket treatment we differentiate between the different schools and facilities by introducing colour.

Within the village-like campus we maximise spatial continuities between interior and exterior, not only through the architectural layout but also through the continuation of interior finishes into outdoor spaces. We see this in the glazed tribune under the teenage building, which extends into an outdoor staircase bridging the level difference between the two streets delineating cluster 1. The glazed envelope can be opened up so this tribune becomes part of the playground spaces or acts as an indoor playground during inclement weather. The canteen on the ground floor of the former heritage depot in cluster 2 can similarly open up and expand into the surrounding outdoor space.

These continuities and transparencies create surprising vistas and perspectives throughout the site, encouraging spatial exploration in the young minds, improving security and facilitating communication and interaction.