Campus West

thinking, living and working differently
On the former Gazet van Antwerpen site, adjacent to the Mediahuis building in Antwerp's Linkeroever district, 66,500 m² of office space will be created. The new green industrial zone is being developed by Groep Bouwen. POLO's first office building is a comprehensive work of art that underlines the team's multidisciplinarity. The master plan, architecture and interior design are the work of one and the same collective.


Surface area
Groep Bouwen
Interior design
  • Contekst

Campus West is an interdisciplinary design-based research project by urbanists, architects and interior designers, focused on innovative work models. It represents an organisational concept that provides answers to the question of how employees can work independently of location and time in a digital network society in order to reach their highest potential.

"The plan is ambitious, both in terms of implantation in a green environment and high-quality architecture. Campus West is a response to new office and work trends centered around increased flexibility. Nine-to-five jobs and fixed workplaces have become a thing of the past. Employers are ready to propose a variety of office formats. The project builds on increased interaction between people's professional and private lives. Work environments should offer added value."

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Patrick Lootens
ir. architect, urbanist
founding partner

Sustainability & efficiency

Both the design stage and the construction stage focused on people and the environment. Sustainability is achieved among other things through compact and efficient building with a well-considered array of materials, energy efficiency and conscious water consumption and a daylight arrangement designed to find a perfect balance between efficient use of solar energy and daylight access. Thanks to these passive measures, overheating can be avoided and active cooling is minimised.

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